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Who is the Pacific Art Collective?
What is the PAC SESSION – Xposure Event Fund?
How does PAC help Artists and Venues?
What motivates Pacific Art Collective?

Who is the Pacific Art Collective?

Who are we?

Pacific Art Collective (PAC) is recognized for catapulting a contemporary collaborative arts movement. PAC is a not for profit arts organization dedicated to presenting events that create awareness for PAC-Regional artists, art districts & venues through cross-cultural education and live performance.

Over the past 3 years, PAC has inspired many individuals & groups to follow this vision. From the San Francisco Bay Area to Las Vegas, throughout Los Angeles and Portland, a collaborative art movement is going down.

Since establishing in September 2002, the Pacific Art Collective have produced and co-produced over 70 live art events. PAC creates vital exposure for art-centric venues and districts such as the San Jose Museum of Art, Art Share Los Angeles, First Friday Las Vegas, Le Petite Trianon Theatre, Arts Day Milpitas, Oaklandish Gallery, 2 Gyrls Performative Arts and many other wonderful spaces. (see venues).

Over 450 artists (see artists) have showcased their work and live performance through original PAC events known as PAC SESSION (see PAC SESSION), DivrsCity (see DivrsCity), COLLABO (see COLLABO) & in 2005 partnering with San Jose Museum of Art for the highly successful program, Cultural Xposure (see Cultural Xposure).

Pacific Art Collective highlights community culture and artistic genres equally; molding them into positive, innovative and experimental group’s. PAC successfully stabilizes a pro-active, affirmative United Nation for SF Bay Area and West Coast artists.

PAC strives to encourage others to follow our endeavors and to participate along with us and on their own, inspiring and assisting communities to grow and prosper through true visions of cultural and artistic cooperation.

PAC addresses and supports such issues as the state of the art world and how it is ever changing. It also supports methods for finding your audience through effective and ineffective promotional materials and ways to approach them constructively.

The Pacific Art Collective aspires to attain and manage our own Creative Art Space and Entertainment Cultural Center someday. Our fingers are X’d!


PAC SESSION is recognized for catapulting a contemporary collaborative arts movement. PAC SESSION is a cultural, multi-media art, exposure event that function’s as an outreach for West Coast artists, venues and burgeoning art districts. Visual artists, musicians, and performers donate time and talent to each PAC session event. Artists are given the opportunity to perform and enlighten our communities, while gaining vast and vital exposure necessary towards their success.

PAC SESSION was created to encourage an environment in which artists could translate the life and soul of the Bay Area, and the West Coast, into art. While showcasing local art and venues, PAC session creates an ideal atmosphere for upcoming artists of all genres and those attracted to art and subculture.

PAC SESSION inspires.

What is the “PAC SESSION – Xposure Event Fund?”

The “PAC SESSION – Xposure Event Fund” allows Pacific Art Collective artists to travel and perform, exposing local art, culture and community throughout the world.

The Fund provides budgets for the following:

“Future PAC SESSION events, Yearly Business License & Liability Insurance, PA/sound equipment, paint canvas & art supplies, room rentals, concessions, the PAC Aerostar Van (includes insurance, registration, gas, oil & maintenance) required permits, city fees/taxes, and many other things that must be paid for in order for PAC to exist.”

*No artist or PAC staff member receives any cash compensation raised from PAC SESSION events.

Thank you for your support!

How does PAC help Artists and Venues?

PAC has worked closely with venues such as San Jose Museum of Art, Binion’s Gambling Hall & Hotel, Le Petit Trianon Theatre and over 20 other public spaces. By fostering interactive environments between artists and community, both artist and venue draw new demographic and economic stimulation. Galleries, Hotel’s, Clubs, Parks and other art-centric venues continue to benefit from hosting ongoing Pacific Art Collective events.

When we work together, we all win!

What motivates Pacific Art Collective?

PAC’s biggest motivating factor is the ever-present sense of gratification shared by everyone involved. The sponsors, volunteers, artists and participants of PAC bring an understanding, appreciation and evident vibe of ambition to all events. PAC’s vision is complete when we implement this concept as a means to enrich the lives of our community.